Monarch Drone -Pink

Have you ever flown a drone with the flick of your wrist?

The Monarch is a new hand-controlled drone that flits and flutters with every tilt of your hand! Watch the drone obey every gesture you make as you steer it from your palm controller.


A fantastic drone for beginners and kids of all ages, this unique butterfly launches with a simple push of a button. Once it’s in the air, a 6-axis gyro keeps these beginner drones stable as you fly through any indoor space. As for tricks - flick your wrist and watch your motion-controlled drone perform an instant 360° flip!

Full of flashy fun, this sparkly flyer is designed with bright LED wings and eyes that light up in flight. An included USB charger lets you power up in just 30 minutes for your next flight.

These mini quadcopters are a “handful” in the best possible way! Get your own Monarch and see why these small drones are redefining what flying toys can be!


  • Monarch Flame Motion Control Drone
  • Motion Controller (3 AAA batteries not included)
  • USB Charger
  • Extra Finger Grips (1)
  • Extra Propellers (4)
  • User Manual
  • For Ages 14+